Handmade Bespoke Staircases

A great way of reviving a dull hallway or stairwell is to create a staircase that becomes a part of your lovely home. Forest Joinery London love to replace or renovate a lifeless and tired staircase and transform it into a stunning and elegant new centrepiece that will make any home look amazing. If you are looking at renovating your staircase then we can remove the non-structural parts of this and replace them with only the best, high quality materials leaving you with a staircase that is not only practical but will look brand new. You can choose from glass, solid oak, wrought iron and fine veneers to replace the old parts you had previously. We can show you the transformations we have already completed for our clients that required this service.

If you are looking at getting a new staircase because your existing one is beyond repair then we will design and install a complete new staircase that will be unique not to mention beautiful. We will always ensure that your new staircase or renovated one will co-inside with the style you want and will be within your ideal budget. Our aim is to give you exactly what you want at reasonable prices.

If you are interested in this service, you will certainly be adding a stunning piece of individual bespoke carpentry into your home.

Handmade Bespoke Staircases
Handmade Bespoke Staircases

We can design and install any size staircases of all designs including;

  • Cut string staircases
  • Closed string staircases
  • Dog Leg staircases
  • Stair cases with many turns
  • “Floating” Staircases

We provide all types of handrails, base rails, newel posts, spindles and newel caps that will all finish off your staircase perfectly. Something less for you to have to worry about.

We also can provide staircases with the ultra-modern glass balustrading.

So whether you are painting, carpeting or creating staircase space which becomes the forefront of your house, Forest joinery London are the company for you.

Loft conversion staircases can often prove to be quite tricky, especially when you are trying to squeeze the staircase into a tiny area, but Forest Joinery London can provide ample support in helping customers to get the most out of the tricky turns and obstructions that a loft conversion can make. We can make it possible for you to have a staircase because it is made to measure and can be fitted in the space you have.