Reception Areas / Counters

The first thing that people will look for or see when they enter a building is the reception area. As a company, you will want to make a good impression so if you own a shop, café or restaurant, why not make your counters look amazing. If you own a dentist practice, hair salon or maybe you are in charge of your local library then you will want your reception area to look professional and good. You will want your furniture to stand out for the right reasons, not for the wrong reasons. This could really affect your business.

Hospitals will need to look clean and presentable at all times. We can make this possible with practical but yet beautiful furniture that would be easy to clean and will last for years to come.

We can design practical furniture that will be ideal for whatever your business is. It can be designed to fit around the space you have and we can incorporate storage if this is needed. Our furniture would complement any office, so if you would like to renovate any of your rooms then please feel free to contact us for more information. All work will be carried out to the highest of standards. We will try our best to make disruptions as little as possible and we will clean up as we go. If you would just like some furniture ordered that doesn’t need fitting then we can have this delivered to you as soon as possible.

We can provide Reception & Counter areas for the following environments:

  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Hairdressers/Barber Shops
  • Retail Shops
  • Libraries
  • Commercial offices and business space

Reception Counters can be constructed using any board material or laminate specified to our customer’s request.

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Reception Areas and Counters